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Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

We inspired the work of growers, and find lighting solutions for all different kinds of crops. We are independent and experienced lighting experts in the greenhouse horticulture industry. Our deep-rooted knowledge of crops is combined with an expert eye for LED lighting. A great initiative thrives when two sustainable innovators join forces.


Different crops thrive better with different spectrums. We have deep knowledge in plant physiology and biosystems engineering. Introducing our user-friendly dashboard, which measures light output, temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, and more. We provide support in the selection, installation, integration and optimization of greenhouses. We act quickly. Our advisory report should be ready within 4 to 6 weeks.

Lettuce-Farming Robots
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Growers grow crops. We can help determine the LED spectra, output and light formulation based on the grower's needs. And help customers buy, integrate and optimize LEDs in greenhouse. We supports growers in this process as they measure all LED luminaires and can provide independent advice based on this knowledge. We provide independent advice based on specific wishes and needs. We compared several parties to give the best offer.


We serve a variety of international clients and growers. Its team of professionals has built a database based on test results to see which horticultural LEDs are most beneficial to growers. We also apply for various subsidy schemes, such as the EHG subsidy schemes in the Netherlands, where we are responsible for 26% of the total full-LED inquiries in 2022.

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